Welcome to Pigeon Control Solutions! We're here to help you find humane pigeon control solutions for any pest pigeon problems you may have on your home or property.

We generally find that pigeon spikes are the most effective solution for stopping damage and unsightliness caused by pigeons and their droppings which can affect all kinds of buildings, old and new. They are cost effective, easy to install, last for years and provide ultimate pigeon proofing in all kinds of situations.

Check out the Pigeon Control Resource Centre (PCRC) for further info and advice on pigeon control.

So just what sort of problems can pigeons cause?

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Click on the area of your property where pigeons are causing a problem to find a humane control solution:

Click on the area of your property that you want to deter pigeons from to see the best available humane solution. Chimney pot Roof ridge Inbetween chimney pots TV aerial Either side of a dormer Small flat roof/large flat surface Outward opening window Guttering Pipework Window sill Very wide ledge (8"-12") Narrow ledge (max 4") Wide ledge (4"-8")